The Green Transformation Award


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This award focuses on organisations who have taken on a green transformation project that has had significant impact on sustainability activities, which can include (but not limited to): technology, operations, waste, energy, training and education.

Entrants are expected to have carried out concrete actions and can document that their efforts are moving the organisation in a markedly more climate and environmentally friendly direction, with measurable outcomes and comparisons to previous years.

Entry is by a 5 A4 page submission; the judges will be looking for clear information, backed up by evidence, that pays particular attention to the criteria listed below.

  • Project Overview: Provide a brief description of the green transformation project, including the project's objectives, scope, and the specific sustainability areas it targeted.
  • Project Impact: Evaluate and quantify the project's impact on sustainability. This includes measurable outcomes, with comparisons to previous years, in areas such as reduced waste generation, energy savings, reduced emissions, and increased sustainability awareness through training and education efforts.
  • Innovation and Best Practices: Highlight any innovative approaches, technologies, or best practices employed during the green transformation project that contributed to its success.
  • Collaboration and Engagement: Describe how the organisation engaged with employees, stakeholders, and the local community during the project.
  • Conservation and Preservation: Detail any efforts made to conserve resources, preserve natural habitats, or protect biodiversity during the transformation project.
  • Sustainability in Future Operations: Explain how the green transformation project has influenced or will continue to influence the organisation's long-term sustainability practices and policies.
  • Supporting Statements and Testimonials: Include statements and testimonials from project stakeholders, employees, or community members.

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