Green Awards 2016

How To Enter

All entrants must submit a document of no more than 5 A4 pages that covers the key criteria set out for the category they are entering.

Carefully read the section that describes the criteria the judges will be using to assess each category and make sure you cover all of these in the submission you prepare.

Make sure you focus on good hard information, backed up by solid facts and figures.

Before making your submission, please ensure the following:

Submitting Your Entry

Before making your submission, please ensure the following:

Step-by-Step Guide

To submit your entry, please select the category that you wish to enter here, click 'Enter Online' and follow these steps:

Page 1: Entrant Details

Page 2: Your Entry Document & Logo

Page 3: Photos for the Awards night AV Presentation & Terms and Conditions

Page 4: Trophy Form

Page 5: Your Entry Reference

If you have any queries when submitting your entry, please do not hesitate to call us on 01 524 0254.

Why Enter

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